Golf Course Nature Tours

"If you take care of the birds, you take care of most of the environmental problems in the world."  Thomas Lovejoy, biologist and conservationist 

Purpose: To allow non-golfers the opportunity to see the beauty and natural areas that are part of our Sun City amenities, to allow those unfamiliar with nature in the south to learn about native plants and animals, and to pique the interest of non-golfers to learn how to golf.   

Committee Members:

Paula Smith      Chair   Email:                             

 Jeanne Carmichael   Cliff Amos 

 Freddi Hoffman                                 Rosemary Smith                                                     

Laury Maass                           

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3-26-2022 Copy of Nature Tour Schedule

Tour Handouts and Maps for Okatie Creek and Hidden Cypress Golf Courses

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Slide Legend

1 - Grand Kids Tour Okatie Front 9 - Watching a Little Blue Heron 

2 - Nature Tour Guide and Driver Training

3 - Great Blue Heron

4 - Hidden Cypress 18th Hole Rookery

5 - Fox Squirrel

6 - Hooded Mergansers Behind Hidden Cypress 4th Hole

7 - American Alligator Okatie Creek 18th tee